Qtum Launches Ambassador Program to Promote Mobile Payments, Cryptocurrency Awareness

December 3, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Some may not have heard of the Qtum platform, or the Qtum Foundation. That’s all right. In fact, even Qtum is aware that folks aren’t quite as aware of it as it would like. To address that lack of awareness, Qtum recently dropped word our way about its new Qtum Ambassador Program, a move that should help spark awareness of not only Qtum, but also the cryptocurrency side of mobile payments.

The Qtum Ambassador Program allows Qtum to leverage its already-impressive size and resource capabilities to draw attention to the platform in the midst of a field where there are already quite a few such exchanges out there. Qtum already describes its community as “growing and self-reinforcing”, so the Ambassador Program is likely just a means to help foster further growth. After all, given the market  as a whole, even every crypto exchange together is likely a drop in the bucket against, say, Visa.

The program is particularly targeting areas with “local enthusiasm,” so it’s encouraging people to apply regardless of where they’re located. Those who join the program will receive a slate of guidelines geared toward making sure ambassadors act “…in the interest of the community.” The biggest responsibility will be to host offline activities, including hackathons and meetups, but there will also be room to assist the Qtum Foundation when it goes to conferences. Those who do sign up will get “exclusive access to resources and slack channels,” but will also, less definitely, “…additionally be rewarded in accordance with the work performed.”

Not exactly the clearest statement, but given that it’s still early days for the Qtum Foundation, this will likely get a lot of refinement as it goes on. A few events under its belt and the foundation will have a much better understanding of what needs to be done and how its people need to be rewarded for their efforts. Expecting people to evangelize for the company’s sake alone isn’t likely to go well; after all, there’s no clear and present benefit for those who actually do the heavy lifting.

Still, the groundwork has been quite clearly laid here, and we’ll likely see this pay some dividends for the Qtum Foundation going forward. Considering the crypto environment overall these days, it could use some help.