Cyber Monday? More Like Cyber Week!

December 3, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Back when Cyber Monday got started, it was a sign of the culture. About the only place you could find “fat pipes,” or really high-speed internet connections, was in a corporate setting. Most users were working with dial-up, if they could even get it where they lived. So, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, shoppers illicitly took advantage of their employers’ connections to do a little shopping on the still-nascent internet. Now that fat pipes are available almost everywhere, the need to go to work to shop is much less. That’s also prompted Cyber Monday to expand into a full week.

Cyber Monday is brisk business. In fact, it’s up 19.7 percent over the figures from just last year, hitting a reported $7.9 billion. That’s big enough to make it the single biggest online shopping day the United States has ever seen, and even lent a hefty boost to the stock market, which was happy to see customers doing something besides clutching wallets in a death-grip.

That was enough to suggest to many retailers that, maybe, the notion of shutting down Cyber Monday with the arrival of Tuesday was effectively shooting them in the foot and costing them sales that might otherwise have gone unmade. So, as Black Friday is starting its inexorable march back to November 1, Cyber Monday is likewise adding real estate on the calendar.

Amazon was just one retailer offering “Cyber Monday Week” deals—we mentioned as much just recently—and now, word has emerged about Best Buy, Target and Walmart joining in, just to name a bare handful.

There’s a reason the Bible once said “thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn.” When something works so well as Cyber Monday clearly does, then why would you want to limit it any more than necessary? Sure, there have to be some limits—a Cyber Monday that runs clear to Christmas would likely wear out its welcome and not feel all that special any more—but opening up deals seldom goes amiss.

With so many shoppers going online exclusively, or close to it, offering the sales where the customers are is just good business. Cyber Monday might end up coming right out as Cyber Monday Week in a lot more places next year.