Blinker Offers Perspective on Mobile Payments-Style Car Shopping

December 20, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

For anyone who’s been shopping for a car lately, the complexity of it is downright catastrophic. Between actually trying to find the car, setting up the title and licensing and everything else, it’s almost a relief to start paying for it. Blinker, who we’ve heard about recently, dropped word our way about the results of a survey it staged to find out what it would take to make that process easier on all concerned.

One of the biggest points the Blinker study revealed was that a majority want two things: secure digital transfers and prioritized in-app financing. With 56 percent of respondents wanting a way to pay for a vehicle over a mobile payments app—a process Blinker actually already offers—and 52 percent wanting their financing to be staged from the same app in which they shopped for a car, it should be a clear wake-up call to all car lots out there.

It wasn’t just greater convenience that drove customers’ buying decisions, though; customers also wanted a process that was safe and secure, a long-standing issue when it comes to anything mobile payments-related. What’s more, customers also wouldn’t have minded some help dealing with the parts the government forces on the process like titles and similar paperwork, help that Blinker can also offer with a partnership with DocuSign.

What’s noteworthy about this survey is that it seems to support everything that Blinker already offers. Customers want a safe, secure process, Blinker offers it. Customers want help with the title and paperwork, Blinker’s there too. Customers want to pay by mobile transaction, oh look, it’s Blinker again. It’s almost enough to make the truly suspicious-minded out there wonder if Blinker engineered this study because it fits so perfectly well.

Yet even if the fix was in on this survey, all it really does is demonstrate plainly that Blinker has the experience customers want. Thus, all Blinker has to do is get its message out to the end users and it might well land a whole pot of said users. Then Blinker can be a success story for the ages, demonstrating how, if you give car buyers what they want, car buyers will pour in like water into a basement in a flood plain and make your app a success.