Mobile Payments Maverick Dentacoin Clears 84 Practices Accepting

December 19, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Dentacoin’s rise hasn’t been anywhere near as stellar as that of bitcoin, but it’s still been gaining quite a bit of ground. The combination of cryptocurrency, mobile app and market research platform has definitely made quite a case for itself, and it recently passed word our way that it has now reached its 84th practice accepting the coin.

Eighty-four practices on six continents now accept Dentacoin, as the company recently added its first-yet African practice. Specifically, this honor goes to the Omega Dental Care Clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Omega Dental Care Clinic’s Dr. Jackson Mboya pointed out: “We decided to implement Dentacoin as we see great potential in a cross-border digital free market. I am personally impressed with the Dentacoin’s strategy and I believe it can help us reach many more customers around the globe. I am thankful to the Dentacoin team for answering my inquiries instantly and helping me go through the easy implementation process.

Dentacoin isn’t just a cryptocurrency, of course, it’s also a way to better gather customer data and provide a way for dental patrons to provide trustworthy reviews about dental practices thanks to the DentaVox Market Research platform, which uses Dentacoin as both a reward and an authentication tool to ensure that reviews are honest, trustworthy, and provided in short order after a dental visit.

Given that around 80 percent of the world is unable to afford regular dental checkups—dental insurance is not the given it once was with employers—a solution like this might prove helpful. Indeed, Dentacoin is highly accessible; just about two weeks ago, you could get around 9,344 Dentacoin to the dollar. As of this writing, that number has risen to just over 11,000. In fact, the maximum supply is pegged just shy of 327 billion, some reports figure, so it’s not surprising to see this coin drop in value.

The ideas Dentacoin has are great, but it’s got to do something to shore up the value. How far can it really advance when it’s a currency that, by comparison, makes the Venezuelan Bolivar look stable? Still, it’s got a good idea, and it may well be able to sell itself to dentists on the strength of its platform overall, rather than its currency capability.