ETHDenver Launches BUIDL Week Applications for Mobile Payments Development

November 6, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We know that cryptocurrency is the biggest thing in mobile payments in quite some time, but it didn’t get there on its own. It got there as the result of programmers making new applications and investors who were willing to take chances that this could indeed be the next big thing. Ongoing development will be the key to keeping cryptocurrency going, and ETHDenver recently dropped word our way about its upcoming events, #BUIDL Week and the #BUIDLATHON that will take place therein.

The #BUIDL Week event is set to take place in Denver’s Sports Castle in Colorado, and will feature a range of discussion on blockchain topics. There will be live demonstrations as well as speakers—individual and panel—and workshops geared toward improving the blockchain presence worldwide.

#BUIDLATHON, meanwhile, will be a bit more focused. It too will have some speakers and educational opportunities, but also a set of networking events designed to more closely connect developers in the blockchain community. It’s also going to serve as a hackathon event—the term “buidl” is basically another word for hacking—that will run for 36 hours before judging starts for the produce of the event. There will even be various project tracks to cover new builds, builds related to UN Sustainability guidelines, and the “bounty track” which focuses on specific tasks.

Events like these have sometimes produced some truly spectacular new tools, and given companies a real leg up in the field. There are plenty who disparage the hackathon, including some who consider it little more than a way to get creative programmers to work for snacks and a chance at some comparatively weak prizes. Hackathon participants consider them a great way to not only learn new tricks but also get social with like-minded individuals. A hackathon in the blockchain space could be a real dinner-winner, though; consider how many issues there are with mainstreaming cryptocurrency, and what an event dedicated to development in the field could generate.

Whether or not you believe the hackathon is a beneficial tool for mankind is up to you, but it’s still quite a draw, and events like these are fueling growth, a point that’s especially necessary in the crypto and blockchain communities.