KuCoin’s Titan Ambassador Adds New Firm to Its Crypto / Mobile Payments Roster

November 28, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

With cryptocurrency still a struggling part of the mobile payments landscape—overcoming the mass of customer objections won’t be easy by any stretch, not to mention finding out just what exactly to do with it once they’ve got it—a new report sent our way from KuCoin provides just a little extra hope for a brighter future for cryptocurrency. The Singaporean international cryptocurrency exchange added another firm to its Global Titan Ambassador Program, namely, LFG Global.

LFG Global is a United States-based investment fund, as well as blockchain consultancy, that focuses mainly on crypto markets. LFG will be working with KuCoin to find “the best projects available in the blockchain industry, as described in recent reports. Since LFG Global’s main focus is on finding the newest crypto assets, as well as blockchain projects, that have the best chance at surviving into the long term, it should help keep KuCoin itself that much more viable by pointing out the best coins to add to the exchange roster.

Since KuCoin already has over 180 tokens to its credit as it is in terms of available listings, and almost 400 trading pairs, KuCoin has already proven fairly popular on the trading front. That’s underscored by recent remarks from its CEO, Michael Gan, who noted “At KuCoin, one of our key missions is to find the best projects and bring them to the masses before anyone else, mitigating investment risks for our users as a result. We are excited about the long-term ambassador partnership with LFG Global, which will give us increasing access to potential projects in North America.”

Since there are already several cryptocurrency exchanges out there as it is, the notion that KuCoin would be looking for more options and greater variety really isn’t out of line. In fact, it’s a smart idea; with so many cryptocurrencies out there already, being able to trade more of them will undoubtedly draw new business in. Whether someone thinks the future belongs to Ripple or Ethereum, Monero or even Dogecoin, the ability to actually buy into those currencies will likely draw interest.

KuCoin’s new connection to LFG Global will likely prove helpful in the long run, especially as exchanges find themselves looking for new potential customers.