Dentacoin Talks Combining Mobile Payments and Data for a Better Patient Experience

November 28, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve heard quite a bit about Dentacoin lately, particularly its impact in dental treatment. While its overall purpose hasn’t exactly been clear, it’s made a fairly good case for itself on the strength of its data connection. In fact, it recently dropped word our way about how it was helping to put data to use to help improve the patient experience.

Technology and dentistry don’t exactly seem to go well together, but that’s changed quite a bit in recent years. It’s not just cryptocurrency for paying the bills, either; one of the biggest new developments involves using 3D printing for dental prostheses, a move that works well with not only resin but also with powdered titanium.

Beyond that, there’s also a steadily-increasing call for online review management, and that’s one of the biggest points that Dentacoin can help with. By offering Dentacoin as a reward, it can encourage patients to leave reviews to begin with. The reward Dentacoin itself, meanwhile, can also be used to authenticate the review, ensuring that those who leave reviews actually went to the dentist in question.

That’s where Dentacoin’s new opinion platform DentaVox comes into play, operating as a kind of dental service review clearinghouse for users to complete surveys about area dentists, and then receive rewards accordingly. The surveys can be used as fodder for analytics tools, which then produce actionable insights–things a business can do to improve–from the data.

Naturally, there have to be provisions made for security, but it’s a safe bet that DentaVox has considered that already. In fact, it’s a pretty good idea. It was probably pretty difficult for dentists to get reliable information from patrons about their business. Healthcare is, after all, a business, so the same principles that help retail operations or business-to-business (B2B) operations could pretty readily help a dentist’s office keep up their bottom line.

An easy way to gather data and a reasonably useful reward—okay, Dentacoin is still barely worth more than pocket lint, trading at just over 9,344 to the dollar—adds up to a worthwhile package, and one that might help elevate Dentacoin to a tool dentists can’t live without.