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Mobile Payments Operation Paysafe Group’s Tara Wilson Lands Silver Stevie

November 23, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve seen Paysafe Group make a lot of advances in the field these days, and it’s commonly tipped us off about them. Now, it’s offering up a new one, as it filled us in on a recent success in the field with its general manager for marketing technology and services provider Income Access, Tara Wilson. Wilson recently won the Silver Stevie Award at the recently-concluded Stevie Awards for Women in Business, specifically, as Female Executive of the Year.

The Stevie Awards offer recognition to business achievements in over 70 different categories, and given that this was the 15th annual running of the Stevie Awards, it’s an award to take seriously. Paysafe’s run at the awards shows lately has been impressive, with the Stevie just the latest in a string of successes. Most recently, Wilson actually landed the “SupportHER” award from the Canadian Business Chicks’ Women of Inspiration event back in September.

In fact, the awards pace has been so brisk for Paysafe Group that it’s actually landed a “Pink Chip Employer” award in Europe, demonstrating its commitment to females in leadership. It also took a 2018 Parity Certification from the Women in Governance group.

Wilson herself noted “An honor like this is very special to me and is made even more so given the inspirational company in which I’ve been included. I’m also proud to be part of an organization that values diversity and inclusion and supports female leaders of both the present and future through measurable actions.”

The advancement of women in executive leadership slots tends to bring with it both new ideas and good press. While it’s a safe bet that not all of these ideas will ultimately work—no source of input is completely accurate—it will likely prove worthwhile in the end to tap this new source of potential market strategy. Since women make up a slight majority of the planet’s population, it’s a major potential slice of market, after all, and who better than other women to understand those particular needs, interests and desires to better get products embedded in said market for use?

Paysafe’s advances here will likely pay dividends down the line, and with its focus on women in leadership, should offer better access to this growing field.