Blinker Makes Car Buying and Selling Mobile Payments-Easy

November 19, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Buying—and selling—a car these days can be a difficult task. Trying to get through the various registration tasks alone is a hassle, but going through the process of finding a car and buying it can be even worse. It would be wonderful to add some of the ease of use that mobile payments can bring, and one app, Blinker, looks to do just that. Blinker dropped word our way about its new offering, and it’s got a lot to like for anyone in the car shopping food chain.

Blinker offers several different features, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. For buyers, there’s the ability to handle funds digitally. No cash, no checks, just a straight digital transfer, which makes the transaction both quick and secure. In fact, sellers get said payment in roughly one business day. Buyers can finance through Blinker as well, which offers another way to pay through the app.

Customers looking for a car can actually qualify for a loan through Blinker, and use that loan on the Blinker Marketplace. If a car is found on another other car-buying centers like Autotrader,, and even Craigslist, customers can request sellers list their car on Blinker to utilize the checkout process & loan feature. Blinker pays off existing loans for sellers when the sale is complete, reports note, and the ratesare even on par with those from major credit unions and banks, at 3.9 percent.

Paperwork can be signed digitally, and documents saved within the app for easy reaching later. There’s even room for guidance from Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) experts and financial services pros as well.

The best part about a system like this is that it takes many of the stumbling blocks associated with car buying and compresses them down into a mobile app. That’s going to really smooth the path for car buying; it’s not going to solve every problem, but it’s certainly going to take some of the teeth out of the problem. That’s likely going to be enough to get several car buyers’ interest, assuming Blinker can promote itself sufficiently to draw interest.

It’s a safe bet that Blinker will be put to use somewhere in the market, but only time will tell if enough users can be pulled in to make its operations worthwhile.