Digital Goodie Takes Repeat Honors from Gartner

October 8, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve been hearing a lot out of Digital Goodie lately, and the company once again connected with us to fill us in on its latest honor. Digital Goodie was listed for the second time in a row in Gartner’s annual Digital Commerce Vendor Guide, lending an extra note of credibility to the platform.

Gartner is one of the leaders in the technology research and advisory field, which makes it a regular pick for chief information officers (CIOs) and their staffs to use in selecting new tools for companies. Digital Goodie, meanwhile, offers a complete connected commerce operation, which makes retail operations easier to establish. For those established retail operations, Digital Goodie can also be used as a tool to scale up operations and improve what’s already in place.

Kalle Koutajoki, Digital Goodie’s CEO, noted “…Digital Goodie’s value promise is to help retailers stay competitive by mastering the new digital era, and every aspect of our product is designed to do exactly that. Our microservices based and cloud-native technology is perfect for scaling up, and enables our customers to react fast to the constantly evolving market needs. The report notes that “API-based or “headless” commerce continues to grow in popularity” and we believe Digital Goodie’s fast growth is a clear proof-point of the trend. We could not be happier to be officially acknowledged by Gartner.”  

It would be one thing to be “officially acknowledged by Gartner.” To land that same official acknowledgment two years running is an excellent sign. Not only did Digital Goodie have to do well enough to land the honor the first time, but it had to maintain its quality sufficiently to draw that same acknowledgment a full year later. This is in spite of any new firms that entered the market in the meantime, that could have easily had sufficient innovation to knock Digital Goodie out of the limelight.

That clearly didn’t happen this year, and now, Digital Goodie has the chops to present a top-notch value to its end users. From mobile payments users to digital rewards users, Digital Goodie’s platform can help put extra power in a business’ online retail operations, making it much more likely to remain competitive in a shifting market. No wonder Gartner keeps talking about it.