Bill Butler Makes Bill Payments Mobile Payments-Convenient

October 5, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Paying bills has always been a hassle, but online bill pay has made it that much easier to handle the task. Then we got into the field of mobile apps, and it got simpler still. Yet there was room for still more improvement, and the folks out at Bill Butler filled us in on its new effort to simplify bill payment for UK households with its new mobile app.

Not only does Bill Butler make it easier to pay bills, but it also makes it that much easier to split bill payments among various payers, and allows a greater ability to find lower prices on utility service where available. It’s a free app, available for download on both Android and iOS’ respective app stores, and a central dashboard feature allows for control over bill payments. The Bill Butler system can even request payment from everyone who has a stake in the monthly bills.

Better yet, the app contains a connection to over 40 different utility suppliers, allowing users to tell at a glance if they’re getting the best prices for their service. The payments are processed by Paynetics, which has principal member status for both Mastercard and Visa. The app works for power bills, as well as broadband, television, mobile service, and even water bills. By the end of 2018, Bill Butler should also cover home insurance and even television subscription services like Netflix.

Gurvinder Bassi, who serves as Bill Butler’s director, noted “Everything about our app is designed to make bill management incredibly quick, transparent and frictionless, helping users to take control of their spending.”

Essentially, this becomes a direct P2P service like Venmo, but specifically for bill payment. While in that field, though, it also ramps up to cover a whole lot of ground. That’s a surprising development, and may well make Bill Butler a real shining light in the bill payment field. Given that you don’t hear much about that field, it’s entirely possible that Bill Butler could take on a kind of first-mover advantage. It’s a strange sort of first-mover advantage, but advantage nonetheless.

Users, meanwhile, will no doubt appreciate the level of control involved here, and move to Bill Butler in fairly large numbers once the marketing gets the word out about the app.