Biterica Makes Mobile Payments Email Simple

October 31, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

A lack of ease of use has proven disastrous for cryptocurrency in the past. That and the still-dogged perception that many have that says crypto is the province of criminals. There’s been a major step toward ease of use, however, and that’s come from Biterica, who sent word our way about the change.

Biterica’s plan is simple: if you have an email address, you can send bitcoin. It turns to a combination of technologies from both Blockchain and Coinbase, which allows for quick access to the funds in question. Biterica’s been working hard to produce new systems that can be quickly and easily used by newcomers, which could go a long way toward getting more users in the fold.

Essentially, the user inputs the target’s email address, and the user adds a budget along with a personal note if desired. Then, a bitcoin wallet is generated that’s both unique and secure to outside intrusion. The user then funds the wallet, and the email with the wallet information is sent to the target. The target can then log into the wallet and take possession of the bitcoin.

Biterica founder Raz Suprovici, who previously built both TapBuy and MebApp, noted “Our goal is to expand the number of people that are into Bitcoin, starting with your friends and family first. Bitcoin is how money will work in the future and Biterica makes it easy to help those you care about get in before they get priced out and it’s too late.”

This is a good start, but it’s really only a start. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that a lot of “alternative media” types might want to take careful notice of. Making it incredibly easy for anyone to send bitcoin to anyone is the kind of thing that makes libertarians squeal with glee and regulators moan with sorrow. In fact, about the only thing missing here is a way to readily turn bitcoin into your local fiat, and there are plenty of places ready to do that.

It’s just this kind of thing that may get bitcoin off the starting blocks of local curiosity and into the wider scale. When that happens, we’ll have a mobile payments platform to match the best of them.