Saxo Bank’s Fintech Head Joins Mobile Payments Firm Malta Digital Exchange

October 30, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Recently, the Malta Digital Exchange (MDX) dropped word our way about a move it saw in its upper echelon. It brought in Chris Truce of Saxo Bank to serve as its non-executive director of the company’s board of directors. With Truce in place, MDX will have that much extra help focusing on its overall mission and planning for its future.

Truce previously served as Saxo Bank’s head of financial technology (fintech), and moved to fully realize Saxo Bank’s Open Banking Solutions suite of tools. Additionally, he was directly responsible for shaping up the partnership strategy known as Banks Fintech.  

Truce has better than 15 years’ experience in financial services, and has previously worked to some effect with both digital business transformation and application programming interface (API) system development. He works with not only Saxo Bank, but also Macquarie Bank, ANZ Bank, and ING.

MDX, meanwhile, is a multi-asset digital exchange, dealing in several different breeds of security token as well as virtual financial assets (VFAs). MDX has been working aggressively to work in and on a regulatory framework applying to blockchain regulation.

MDX’s Rick Klink noted “We are very privileged and fortunate to have someone of Chris’s skills and experience join the board of Malta Digital Exchange. Chris’s extensive experience in financial services, coupled with his in depth knowledge and understanding of the Fintech space will help drive MDX to the forefront of security token exchanges globally.”

Considering that most likely haven’t even heard of MDX, it will have quite a way to go to reach the forefront of anything. However, it’s clearly made moves to give itself an advantage; it’s working within regulatory frameworks, which may give it a leg up when people decide what to use, and the introduction of Truce—who already has an extensive background in fintech—should only prove helpful here.

MDX has made some noteworthy moves here, but it’s going to have quite a ways to go to overcome the sheer numbers of competitors already in the field.