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Mobile Payments Provider Paysafe Lands “Pink Chip Employer” Award.

October 22, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The nature of women in work is proving somewhat fractious these days, with some demanding its rapid expansion and others declining the option due to ongoing controversy. Yet for Paysafe, who dropped word our way about the recent development, it’s a point of honor, and one it was honored for by the European Women in Payments Network (EWPN).

The EWPN awarded Paysafe the “Pink Chip Employer” honor, given for Paysafe’s devotion to creating a positive working environment for women. Part of a larger diversity and inclusion program, Paysafe’s push sought to improve representation of women in senior roles within the payment industry. The word from Paysafe is that this initiative is designed to target all Paysafe employees with “equal career and growth opportunities.”

Paysafe has already made decidedly impressive advances on this front anyway, as Paysafe’s European CEO of merchant acquiring Andrea Dunlop took home the “Woman in PayTech” award for her work in developing Paysafe’s marketplace. Dunlop also landed the sixth slot on PayExpo Payments’ Power 10 list. Another Paysafe employee, Claire Gates—CEO of Paysafe Pay Later—was shortlisted for the Woman in PayTech award, but didn’t land it.

Joel Leonoff, president and CEO of Paysafe Group, noted “Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic priority for us and our initial focus has been on nurturing female talent across the organization so it’s great to see this being recognized externally within the industry. We’re doing this not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because a diverse and inclusive working environment generates better results and outcomes for the business.  Our people are the very best in the industry and these female leaders represent only a sample of the breadth and depth of talent we have across our teams.”

It’s clear that Paysafe’s efforts have paid off, if by no other metric than the sheer numbers of women who have taken home one award or another. Allowing equal opportunity is a vital part of any business operation; after all, every business wants the best employees, the ones who will deliver the most value for the business as a whole. No matter where those contributions come from, it’s the contributions that matter.

Paysafe’s willingness to find those contributions no matter where they come from will likely only do it good going forward.