Fernish Brings Mobile Furniture to a Mobile Payments Lifestyle

October 12, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

For those who live the more mobile lifestyle—for many an increasing necessity due to the increasingly mobile nature of employment—there are a whole slate of perks. New experiences on a regular basis, the ability to see some of the world’s greatest sights, and a range of work experiences on hand. One of the downsides, though, is that your ability to own and enjoy heirloom-quality furniture is minimal. You need furniture that moves with you, and until recently, that meant the cheapest and lightest stuff around. Now, Fernish steps in to make better furniture more movable, and match up our increasingly mobile lifestyle with a nice place to sit when you stop for a while.

Fernish addresses two major issues of buying furniture and being mobile: one, furniture has a huge upfront cost. Some couches can cost over $2,000. Two, if the couch isn’t immediately available, it can take weeks to actually get it to the customer. A highly-mobile customer like Dickey or Barlow may not have weeks to wait.

Thus, Fernish allows customers to either buy a single piece or a collection, and makes delivery of these items within one week. The resulting pieces are bought on what amounts to a subscription basis; you pay for these items monthly, and at the end of the subscription term, the customer’s payment record is added up, and customers can either keep the item they’ve subscribed to, or return it for credit on something completely different. The subscription payments made are subtracted from the price of other items.

Of course, this means a whole lot of used furniture will likely be coming back into Fernish’s control at the end of a subscription term. What they’ll do with said furniture is unclear, but there are possibilities. Used furniture stores aren’t exactly unheard of, but trying to sell a 50-something couple on buying a used couch for, say, their son’s room might not go over well when they find out it was owned by a millennial who moved around a lot.

Still, it’s not a bad idea, and it might be just what the market needs. No doubt mobile millennials will have an interest in furniture buying in such a fashion, and that’s the key point.