Western Union, Hosei University Team Up to Make Tuition Mobile Payments Simple

October 11, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

With the kids recently back in school on a wide scale, parents all over the world are grappling with a wide range of emotions. The heartbreak of missing a child’s presence in the home, the relief of having a little peace and quiet again, and of course, the ominous nature of having to make the tuition payments. For Hosei University students, however, this just got a little easier with a new connection to Western Union.

The new collaborative effort means that students in Hosei University’s Japanese Language Program (JLP) will be able to put WU GlobalPay for Students to work to ensure that payments get where they need to be, on time, in full, and without any of those extra hidden fees.

Students can actually review payment options, lock-in exchange rates in advance, and pay in their own home currency. Payment status updates can be received by email or even text message, for added convenience.

Hosei University’s manager of the JLP Yuichiro Ehara noted “Since establishment of JLP in April 2017, we would see just a few cases of full tuition payment from pre-university students sending from overseas. Since we introduced GlobalPay for Students for the fall semester of 2018, those who failed to make a payment have drastically declined.”

Any school that charges tuition has to address the possibility of non-payment. By opening up more options, it helps reduce the chances that bills won’t be paid or will instead be paid late. Either outcome will always be present, but with more options, at least one major cause–difficulty of rendering payment–is out of the picture. In fact, Hosei University might be able to use this concept as a way to draw in more students, pointing out that the increased ease of tuition payment isn’t found so readily in other schools. That might tip at least a couple hands toward Hosei, and for adding a system it planned to add anyway.

That’s a point Hosei University has now witnessed firsthand, and soon, there will likely be many other schools that follow suit, eager to put mobile payments to work to reduce non-payment of tuition.