Bank of America Lands First-Ever J.D. Power Mobile App Certification

January 8, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

If you’re using the Bank of America mobile app right now, it turns out that you’re using one of the best apps the world has known so far in banking. How can anyone say that? Bank of America’s got a little more claim to it than some might think, as word recently dropped about its first-of-its-kind certification with J.D. Power itself, from J.D. Power itself.

With this new certification, part of the larger J.D. Power Mobile App Certification Program, Bank of America now has official recognition of the quality of its mobile app experience, as generated by a company that is widely known for marketing data and analytics.

Landing this certification is no mean feat; the first criteria for consideration is how well the app does as compared to the best in apps, as measured by the most recent applicable J.D. Power North American Mobile App Satisfaction Index. From there, there are fully 250 best practices in mobile app experience and operations that need to be met as well, a subset of over 3,000 such practices enumerated by Centric Digital’s DIMENSIONS classification system.

Bank of America’s digital head, Michelle Moore, commented “With 24 million mobile customers and growing, we remain committed to delivering solutions that make it easier for our clients to manage their financial lives as an extension of their daily digital activities. Receiving the J.D. Power Certification is a testament to this commitment and we’re pleased that with more than two million apps on the market, we’re the very first app to accomplish certification on behalf of our customers.”

It’s no small feat, taking home such a certification. It’s clear how many hoops there are to jump through to land such a nod, and as such, it’s the kind of thing that should be worth quite a bit. Mobile banking apps are increasingly valuable to banking business, especially given how many millennials prefer banking via mobile device. It’s getting to the point where branches are shutting down thanks to mobile app preferences, and so having the best app around is a genuinely competitive edge.

Bank of America just pulled off a serious coup with its new win at J.D. Power, and now, it has to capitalize on that win.