Super Bowl to Get Even Better With Cargo Rides

January 23, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Cargo recently dropped word our way about its launch in Minneapolis, and with the Super Bowl just a couple weeks away, Cargo’s getting ready for the big game in grand style. Those in Minneapolis who call in a Cargo-equipped ride sharing car for the game or for the after party on February 4 will be able to get a free Red Bull to drink.

We last heard about Cargo back in October of last year, when it stepped up Uber rides by offering Blowfish for Hangovers. Now, it’s offering something more of a conventional boost to partygoers—and game watchers—with Red Bull. Those unfamiliar with Cargo should know that it’s a side service for ride-sharing operations that basically offers a candy counter—along with over-the counter pain medications and certain beauty treatments—to go along with the ride.

Cargo’s offerings not only help make a rideshare car ride a little better experience, but it also gives brands a chance to better connect with target markets like the millennials and Generation Z. The new promotion comes as Red Bull is rolling out its new Red Bull Crashed Ice line of products, which, along with the Super Bowl, should make for a good time to get some new users in play.

Cargo’s director of brand partnerships and merchandising Sabina Rahaman noted “Our goal is to identify brands and products that resonate with passengers so that we can deliver the best in-car experience. Our campaign with Red Bull gives us the opportunity to surprise riders with a complimentary Red Bull energy drink in-car on the way to the game or headed out to meet friends for the Red Bull Crashed Ice event.”

This development serves to diversify Cargo’s product line and make it that much more worthwhile to its user base. Given that Minneapolis is rated one of the leading cities in the US for rideshare operations, it’s certainly a good move to branch out in that direction. Throw in the fact that Minneapolis is hosting the Super Bowl this year and that only improves things still further. The end result should be plenty of opportunities for Cargo to connect.

Hopefully, Cargo has stocked up on Red Bull ahead of the game, because there will likely be plenty of takers for those free cans.