Dunkin’ Donuts Gets More Mobile Than Ever With New Drive-Thru

January 19, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you ordered ahead, but had to wait in line to pick up your food anyway, you’ve seen one of the biggest problems with the mobile order-ahead concept. If you’ve got foresight enough to call ahead, why should you have to wait in line with the rest of the schmoes who just decided to wander in? That’s an issue that even Dunkin’ Donuts agrees with, and at its new Quincy, Massachusetts location, it’s working to fix the problem.

How, you ask? Via a simple expedient: a dedicated mobile order pick-up area, complete with a drive-thru window specifically for mobile order pick-up. Those who place and pay for an order via the DD Perks app will be able to use the new area to snag their pre-ordered goodies on the go.

What’s more, Dunkin’ Donuts also took pains to give users improved speed even when not ordering ahead; a set of kiosks have been installed to allow users to place orders without human interaction at all.

There are several other changes involved with the Quincy store, a location Dunkin’ Donuts is calling a “concept store.” An update to the color scheme and the removal of the word “Donuts” from the sign outside—it’s just marked as “Dunkin’” to the outside world now—are all in play here as well.

Dunkin’s plan here is likely to come off nicely. One, it’s incorporating those touchscreen kiosk operations alongside human employees, so it’s opening up the ability to get more customers through the door faster. That’s more business, and more value, without the massive negative optics of “we fired everybody, ha ha, we got ours” that a large-scale downsizing represents. Two, it improves the overall customer experience, and that makes customers more likely to return. Not that they weren’t already likely to return—Dunkin’ Donuts are pretty tasty—but every little bit helps.

Dunkin’s plan here to step up customers’ speed of interaction works great, especially in light of earlier reports about the commuter economy. Making it faster and easier to snag that donut and coffee is smart business, and Dunkin’s playing it to the hilt.