CES 2018: Dynamics’ Wallet Card Holds, Interfaces With Multiple Accounts at Once

January 15, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

While amazing new developments about televisions, cars and other items have been pouring out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) like water out of a barrel hit with a 12-gauge, mobile payments have had somewhat short shrift at the big show. That got a bit of change, though, with Dynamics Inc’s new presentation of the Wallet Card, an all-in-one card that allows users to put several different accounts through all at once.

The Wallet Card boasts an “organically rechargeable battery”, as well as a digital display to show the various account numbers involved. Round out the package with a smartphone-style microchip to help keep things moving along and the end result is a card that can interface with several accounts, efficiently, and perhaps above all, safely.

With a Wallet Card, it becomes effectively possible to switch from a debit card to a credit card to a completely different card with different rewards schemes all by effectively flipping a switch. Better yet, it can be remotely altered, allowing issuing banks to change a credit card number on the fly, rendering it useless to thieves in a matter of potentially minutes.

Perhaps best of all, Wallet Card even has backers already, as Visa is its first partner, with plans to connect to international banks as time goes along. Visa’s senior vice president of risk and authentication products, Mark Nelsen, noted “Innovation in the payments category is not limited to wearables, cars, security or mobile technology — there is still much that can be done to update the card-based experience, which continues to be the primary form factor used globally to complete digital payments transactions.”

It’s hard to turn up your nose at a card that can effectively keep all your accounts together on one interface, and it makes for a very mobile payment system. Of course, it’s easy to wonder why it even bothers with a card at all; couldn’t a system like this be put onto a smartphone interface directly?

Still, for those who have multiple credit card accounts—great for the self-employed who put all deductible purchases onto one credit card for ease of reference when tax time comes around—the Wallet Card should be one of the great advancements mobile payments has seen since, well, Apple Pay.