First Data Offers Mobile Payments Help to Harvey-Struck Businesses

September 8, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

First it was the bit with the ATM fees, and now this. First Data proves that mobile payments aren’t just a convenience, time-saver, or gee-whiz technological advance, but rather a very real help in time of trouble. To that end, First Data is stepping in to help Houston businesses starting to dig out from Hurricane Harvey with free mobile payments devices.

First Data is one of the biggest payment processors around, focusing on debit and credit card use, and looked to provide the devices as a means to either replace a damaged device or just establish a new temporary location. First Data is offering its Clover Go line of readers, and has set up a service center at Houston’s JW Marriott on Westheimer Road.

Plus, businesses can get help online or via a toll-free number that First Data has set up. First Data will even install the devices at no charge and offer discounts on pricing, likely for the ongoing payment processing.

Frank Bisignano, First Data CEO, commented “The lessons of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy remind us that one of the most crucial steps toward recovery is to help small business owners open their doors and start serving their customers.”

He’s right, of course; getting small businesses back up and functioning is one of the biggest steps toward recovery. After all, most Americans are employed at small businesses, and getting those jobs back online is vital to the area’s long-term health and well-being. Getting jobs back online contributes to the tax base, which supplies needed cash to cleanup efforts as well, so First Data’s move here is basically helping to restart Houston from the ground up.

It also goes a long way in showing Houston small businesses how useful First Data payment processing systems can be, and improves the likelihood that those businesses stick with First Data. After all, once the Clover Go’s in place, why would anyone want to remove it unless they had to?

It’s not only helping businesses, it’s helping itself, and that’s the best-case outcome for just about any firm. First Data is lending Houston a hand that will likely come back to lift its own fortunes going forward.