Square Review

Vend, TouchBistro Join Up With Square in the UK

July 6, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Exciting news ahead for those in the United Kingdom who are looking to either shop or enjoy a bite to eat: a new partnership effort between Square UK, Vend and TouchBistro will open up mobile payments options in restaurant and retail operations by offering new point of sale (PoS) options to businesses that may not already have these tools in place.

With the new partnership effort, Vend and TouchBistro users can now get access to Square’s options, which allows a business to rapidly take credit and debit card payments, an important step in going mobile. Considering how many of the UK’s small businesses don’t actually accept cards of any sort right now, this move will be a huge leap forward for many of these places.

Thanks to this new effort, Square now boasts 16 partners in the UK to its credit, offering a range of solutions from accounting and tax preparation to inventory management. Square’s range of options has proven valuable to businesses in the past, and it’s clear that the value will remain and likely only grow in the future.

Square is actively appealing to businesses that either aren’t up to speed on mobile yet or have barely even started, and that’s likely to be a sound partnership in the end. Given how enamored the UK is with mobile payments, not being able to accept these is like hanging a big sign on the door that says “Please Shop Somewhere Else.”

Giving the customers what they want is a Beginning Retail 101 tactic; those who fail on this most basic point will fail completely, and not take particularly long about it, either. With Square’s versatility and expanding user base, it’s safe to suggest that Square will be part of the mobile payments market for some time to come.

It will have to keep improving its own game, of course—there are too many competitors out there for it not to—but with its steady string of expansions and additions, it has the right idea. It has to act on that idea, but it seems clear that Square knows what it needs to do, and is actively engaged in doing it.