Fandango Offers a Great Deal With Android Pay Acceptance

July 6, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

There are few things that catch the consumer’s attention quite like a discount. This is especially true for things that the consumer would have bought anyway, Recently, movie ticket vendor Fandango brought Android Pay on board as a way to pay for tickets bought therein, and celebrated this move by setting up a discount program for users to take advantage. In this case, anyone with a promo code using Android Pay—AndroidPay1, reports note, though that code is only temporary. Future codes will follow, however, so keep an eye out—to buy a movie ticket through Fandango lands a $3 discount on any movie ticket.

Though Fandango currently accepts both credit cards and the PayPal service, most note that using Android Pay is easier thanks to smoother authentication tools and faster connection. Current reports note that PayPal can take up to a minute to connect, which is a hassle by any standard.

This isn’t exactly new, reports note, as Google routinely helps partners to offer discounts or special add-ons as an incentive to work with Android Pay. Sometimes it’s a discount like this, or first free delivery, or something similar; never anything that big, but enough to make it valuable to turn to the service.

Plus, Fandango has also been game before to try out new payment options, allowing both Facebook and the iPhone messaging app to serve as payment vectors as recently as last year.

With competition building in the field thanks to the recent, and surprisingly mobile-savvy, launch of Atom Tickets—as well as the whole industry having kind of a limited shelf life because movie tickets are readily had at the theater itself—Fandango needs to keep innovating in order to stay relevant. New payment systems certainly can’t hurt, and there’s something to be said for the skip-the-line convenience such a service can offer. Fandango could use a little more work, though, as Atom Tickets will even allow orders to be placed in advance at a concession stand.

Still, it’s plain that innovation will be necessary here, and discounts with new payment methods certainly can’t hurt. With as much competition as Fandango faces, it needs valuable new offerings just to stay out in front.