JCPenney Incorporates Apple Pay Into its Lineup

July 28, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

JCPenney has not been having a good run of things lately, falling prey to the growth of Amazon and some…unusual…cultural decisions as well. However, it’s made a good move recently, opening up its operations and letting Apple Pay be used as a payment method at its stores.

Now, JCPenney shoppers can add their store credit cards to Apple Pay and use these as the basis for contactless payments in stores. That also opens up new points flow to JCPenney Rewards, the company’s loyalty program, that should also be welcome.

If it sounds like the kind of thing that the company should have done maybe a year and a half, two years ago, the fault actually isn’t JCPenney’s own. They’ve been working on this since December 2015, reports note, with the first pilot programs to add such tools to the roster showing up.

Chief information officer for JCPenney Therace Risch commented “With Apple Pay at JCPenney, we’re able to offer a faster, more seamless checkout process by allowing our customers to pay for their purchases by simply holding their iPhone or Apple Watch near a point of sale terminal, rather than inserting a chip card. And with the added convenience of our credit card as a payment option via Apple Pay, we’re giving customers another compelling reason to join our credit card and loyalty programs.”

So in a way, JCPenney is pretty far behind, but it’s been working steadily for a little over a year and a half to get the job done. Hard to fault the company given that news, but it still left it at a marked disadvantage.

If there’s one thing that JCPenney needs right now, it’s a flow of paying customers. Including Apple Pay in the mix could help draw some interest back to the company—especially since the rewards program is built into the system—but it might be a matter of just being straight up too late to do any good.

Only time will tell, in the end, if this move gives JCPenney an advantage or users have already found alternatives. JCPenney needs every bit of success it can get, though, so this is where it has to begin.