Spoleto Speeds Up Good Italian Cooking With Mobile Ordering

June 9, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

The phrase “quick service” and “good Italian cooking” don’t sound like they’d go together very well, and though some have made valiant attempts at fusing the two concepts, it doesn’t always end optimally.

Spoleto, or Spoleto My Italian Kitchen, has recently tried to make this merger happen, and its newest effort on that front includes mobile order-ahead capability.

Spoleto offers a comparatively simple version of Italian food, starting with one of 30 basic Italian-inspired—which will already likely have purists’ eyes rolling—dishes, which are then placed on a piece of flatbread, on a salad, or on a serving of pasta.

The dishes are never really the same two days running, as the menu rotates according to both what’s available fresh and what’s seasonally available as well.

Not a bad proposition, really, and good for a quick something that tastes at least vaguely authentic. Spoleto has recently taken the notion one step further by offering the increasingly-familiar mobile order-ahead system, and also allowing users to make payments from that same device, reducing the transaction to picking up an order placed and paid for in advance.

Spoleto got together with NCR to handle the heavy lifting, and there’s even a rewards platform incorporated into the mix to complete the picture.

Early reports suggest the platform is well-received, and not only are guests getting served faster—which means more guests can be served in the same space—but wait times are down, which means improved customer experience. That’s improving overall order size, and even improving repeat business.

Given that the service has only been in place for a few weeks so far, at last report, this makes for an excellent bit of news. It’s an incredible level of advancement for so short a time frame, and that proves that—at least at Spoleto—people really want mobile order-ahead and mobile payment options as part of their everyday dining.

With good reason; we’ve already seen what it can do. Who wouldn’t want ready access to a technology that gets you your food faster, and all from a device you’re probably carrying around anyway?

Spoleto is just one success among many when it comes to mobile order-ahead, and we’ll likely see more such successes before it’s all said and done.