Mastercard Expands Labs in Asia Pacific

June 9, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Five years hence from launching in Singapore, Mastercard Labs has reaffirmed its commitment to being pioneers of a World Beyond Cash by opening a new Innovation Showcase, housed at its new Asia Pacific headquarters.

The space will be a new home base for Mastercard to continue developing innovative digital commerce solutions that simplify and secures how we pay for things across banks, merchants, business, governments, and consumers around the world.

Based in Singapore’s DUO Towers, the Mastercard Innovation Showcase will host numerous Fintech innovations developed by various Mastercard Labs around the world, including many that were built in Singapore, and will be one of several Innovation Showcases found in major cities across the globe including Dubai, NYC, Sydney and London.

The interactive innovations on display feature a range of digital payments technologies, from robotics and artificial Intelligence, unattended retail, and contactless payments technology, to wearables, biometrics authentications and solutions that further drive the brand’s commitment to financial inclusion.

Tobias Puehse, vice president, Innovation Management, Digital Payments and Labs, Asia Pacific, Mastercard said, “Innovation happens when ideas collide. Mastercard’s expanded Labs in Singapore underscores our commitment to work together with our partners and key stakeholders to focus on addressing the biggest friction points and real-world issues across the commerce and payment eco-system. Today, our Innovation Showcase has already become a central hub in advancing technologies such as chatbots and biometric authentication, while also inspiring up and coming developers and students to shape the future of commerce. As a leader in digital payments, we seek to drive meaningful innovation that positively impacts all Fintech stakeholders and builds a world beyond cash.”