Max Kordek and Jaron Lukasiewicz Join SONM Advisory Board

June 8, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

SONM, the universal fog supercomputer powered by blockchain technology, has today announced two of the industry’s most respected executives, Lisk CEO Max Kordek and former Coinsetter and Cavirtex CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz, have joined its Board of Advisors.

Kordek will advise the SONM team on the ICO, marketing, public relations, and business decisions, while Lukasiewicz will provide counsel on critical issues such as investor relations, business development, marketing and regulatory compliance.

SONM CEO Sergey Ponomarev said: “As President of the Lisk Foundation, proponents of the decentralized blockchain application platform with a market cap of $233 million, Max’s expertise in the space in unparalleled. Pioneering modern best practices for ICOs, Max and the Lisk team raised 14,000 BTC at the advent of the token sale revolution. Max brings extraordinary knowledge that will help us advance SONM’s decentralized supercomputing network and help crystalize SONM’s vision of becoming a secure and cost-effective way to run general purpose computing workloads. With his experience leading prolific projects that embrace the same values of decentralization as SONM, Max is the perfect fit as a member of our advisory team.”

In January 2016, Kordek co-founded Lisk, the blockchain app platform that will enable users to build apps from the ground up in JavaScript.

The platform will enable the development, distribution, and monetization of sidechains onto the Lisk blockchain.

In addition to his role as Lisk Foundation President, Kordek is also Director of Lightcurve GmbH, a blockchain strategy consultancy, development studio, and marketing agency.

Max Kordek said: “I believe SONM is an incredibly exciting project for the crypto community and I’m delighted to contribute. SONM’s strong core belief in decentralization and the pooling of shared resources aligns with Lisk’s mission to create a decentralized future and will positively shape future blockchain endeavors.”

SONM CEO Sergey Ponomarev said “SONM is incredibly proud to welcome Jaron Lukasiewicz, a highly-respected blockchain industry figure, to our Board of Advisors. We look forward to the opportunity to leverage Jaron’s deep industry knowledge to advance the global platform that SONM is building.”

Jaron Lukasiewicz has been a known name in the bitcoin and blockchain industry since 2012.

He founded and served as CEO of Coinsetter, which is a New York-based bitcoin exchange, which was acquired by Kraken, the world’s largest digital asset exchange in Euro volume, in January 2016.

Jaron Lukasiewicz said: “I am excited about the future of the SONM project, which I believe can revolutionize the fog computing market. Backed by a superb core team of developers, advisors, and researchers, I see SONM stretching the boundaries of what blockchain technology can accomplish in the cloud computing market. My time spent as an active advisor to SONM will support the project’s growth and accomplishment of its global business development goals, particularly in the US market.”