CPI Card Group Announces Card@Once Implementation

June 8, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

CPI Card Group, which is known to many as a global leader in financial and EMV chip chard production and related services, announced that Peninsula Federal Credit Union has implemented Card@Once to provide in-branch instant issuance of EMV-enabled debit throughout its network of branches.

Having been founded back in 1941, the Michigan-based credit union was in search of an instant issuance solution that would provide its members with secure, convenient access to new payment cards in the case of fraud or theft.

Peninsula FCU selected Card@Once and worked closely with CPI Card Group to implement the program throughout its branch network. Attributed largely to a successful implementation, Peninsula FCU reports that Card@Once effectively meets, and even further exceeds its instant issuance needs through the solution’s ease-of-use, affordable pricing and minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

“We recognized the member service benefits of providing instant issuance and wanted to bring that level of convenience and functionality to our members,” said Debbie Edwardsen, VP of Innovation of Peninsula Federal Credit Union. “Since implementing Card@Once®, our members now have the ability to walk out of any of our three branches with a permanent debit card in hand, and the security of knowing that their card can be easily replaced should a fraudulent situation occur. Our staff appreciates having access to an onsite, on-demand solution that provides them with ability to better serve our members’ needs through the branch environment.”

“Instant issuance is a proven driver in attracting members to the branch,” said Lane Dubin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CPI Card Group. “By selecting Card@Once® as its instant issuance service, Peninsula FCU demonstrates its commitment to improving member service and increasing cost-savings through the convenient on-demand delivery of new cards, which also supports the adoption of EMV, providing a higher level of security for members.”