Breaks Pre-Sale Record

June 7, 2017         By: Mike Dautner, the platform known for facilitating the world’s most innovative startup planning crowdsales, has today announced that its CFI tokes have completely sold out in a pre-sale held before its public crowdsale was due to start.

The pre-sale, which began on June 4, 2017, raised a total of 56,565 ETH, the equivalent of $14,859,059 USD, and attracted 1,521 investors from across the globe.

Within 3 hours of the pre-sale opening, 1,200 supporters had invested $5 million USD. offered pre-sale access exclusively to its most engaged supporters with its innovative Priority Pass mechanism.

The highly-successful pre-sale means the token crowdsale scheduled to commence today will not take place. CEO and Co-founder Jan Isakovic said: “ is proud to have made history today as the first crowdsale to completely sell out before its public token sale begins. This momentous achievement is testament to our revolutionary Priority Pass mechanism which rewards highly-engaged company supporters. We believe Priority Pass represents the future for startups planning crowdsales.”

“As moves into the next phase of developing its distributed venture capital platform that connects exceptional startups with world-leading experts and investors, we would like to humbly thank our supporters and investors for helping us close out our pre-sale in such grand fashion. Together, we have set a new benchmark and set of best practices for startups to launch high-volume crowdsales. This strong community support shows that the community shares our vision of a distributed Silicon Valley and our belief that the blockchain space must build it.”

The Priority Pass feature is available to companies that pass through the rigorous evaluation process and will give projects the opportunity to appeal to’s established network of supporters.

The first projects launching via acceleration program, Santiment, Musiconomi, and X8currency will each use Priority Pass to kickstart their crowdsales.