PayRange Makes Laundromats Easier With Mobile Payments

June 2, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Most of us have used a laundromat before; I tend to prefer them for my bedspreads as they have much larger washers and dryers and can accommodate the bulkier fabric goods.

Yet even as we’ve used such systems, we also know how difficult these can be to work with, especially in terms of paying for the use.

That part’s about to get a lot easier, now; save your pocket change, because PayRange is about to make the laundromat mobile payments-easy.

Commercial laundries now have access to the PayRange service, according to word from the company, and in the process has access to a service that lets users pay for laundry time on the same systems as paying for most everything else.

The company notes that current machines can be upgraded within about two minutes’ time per machine, though further reports note that PayRange is only available for use with Speed Queen and Maytag machines.

However, that’s likely to change in short order as other machine manufacturers are in the process of getting equipment certified for use with PayRange systems.

PayRange has also been seen making deals with MasterCard to allow Masterpass to be used in vending machines for snacks and drinks, a deal which may prove welcome for use in laundromat settings as snack and drink vending machines are common fixtures of laundromats anyway.

Essentially, PayRange is well on its way to making the laundromat a mobile payments-friendly experience from start to finish. That’s likely to prove valuable for those who continue to use laundromats, which is a particularly large portion of apartment dwellers and those who either don’t have room for or can’t afford washing machines.

By making these services easier to use, it’s a safe bet that more users will proceed down this path of least resistance and put PayRange’s services to work.

The laundromat can be a convenient way to wash large amounts of clothing, or unusually-sized matter. That makes it a worthwhile service, and by making it easier and more convenient to use, companies can better maintain a current market and add growth to it. PayRange has made a great step forward on this front thanks to the power of mobile payments.