LevelUp Lands a New Hire from sweetgreen

June 16, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

The restaurant scene is a major source of development in the mobile payments space these days, and as such, there are plenty of changes in roster and in development going on here. One of the most recent moves came from LevelUp, who brought in Theresa Dold as its new vice president of agency strategy, a move which was hoped to help cement LevelUp’s improving position in the field.

Dold, formerly director of product for sweetgreen, which was a major force in the healthy fast-casual market. Dold had a significant hand in developing sweetgreen’s product roadmap and not only launched sweetgreen’s rewards app, but also established development on several customer-facing ventures.

Meanwhile, LevelUp’s custom development shop, LevelUp Agency, will likely also get some help from the new hire. LevelUp Agency has already been spotted providing loyalty programs and customer relationship management (CRM) tools to brands like Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and several others throughout the United States.

Speaking of Dold, LevelUp’s chief technology officer Harald Prokop noted “Theresa’s extensive background implementing marketing and product strategies in the restaurant industry makes her a phenomenal addition to the LevelUp team. As the number of consumers using technology to interact with their favorite restaurants increases, Theresa’s expertise will be key in advancing our product development to deliver an unparallelled experience to our partners and their customers.”

Mobile payments technology, or any other technology really, can’t get along properly without the right development focus. It’s people like Theresa Dold who can help provide that focus. While it’s not a hundred percent certain that Dold can provide value for LevelUp the way she did for sweetgreen, it’s a safe bet that she will nonetheless.

This is a market that requires such development routinely; anyone who manages to get a major new solution forward is likely to have it snapped up and a major section of market all but denied to competitors.

It will be interesting to see in the coming days just what Dold brings to LevelUp’s table, but given what it’s already done, and what Dold had a hand in at sweetgreen, chances are we’ll see new and exciting propositions from the company soon.