Beer ATM-Style in Brooklyn at Randolph Beer

June 14, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

We are, increasingly, an instant society. We want things faster than ever before, and if we don’t get that level of rapidity, we go where we can get it. That’s applied to a whole lot of points these days, from our meals to our clothes to our entertainment and beyond. Now, it’s being applied to our drink, as Randolph Beer in Brooklyn, New York is stepping up to produce a new level of rapidity in getting beer.

Described as being almost like an ATM in nature, Randolph Beer has a series of 24 beer taps set out for users to immediately walk up to and activate as desired. Users then use a Randolph Beer card to activate and drink from the taps in question, with the card operating like a running tab to eventually be settled up. The beer in question is New York-based, which allows users to try several different breeds all in the same place.

Some are describing it as, effectively “an all you can drink buffet”, and that doesn’t seem too far off. Yet given how many different ride sharing services there are in the region, the thought of a sober ride home isn’t exactly difficult to envision. It would be something of a wonder, in fact, if Randolph Beer didn’t set up some agreements with some Uber drivers offering ready access to sober rides home.

While right now, payment appears to be connected to a credit card, it’s not hard to envision a future in which this is connected to a mobile app of some kind. A moment to snap a quick response (QR) code and boom—a night of variety and drinking begins.

The notion of tying in such simplicity of payment to such variety is likely to prove welcome, even to people who don’t routinely drink. Being able to try 24 different kinds under one roof is quite a move, and it would likely even lend itself well to large-scale beer flights, or shot glass servings of beer that allow for flavor sampling.

Already we’ve seen this system work well with mobile payments like credit cards, but we could really ramp it up from there. The base is a sound one, though, and will likely only continue to improve.