Protein Bar & Kitchen Puts More Beef in its Mobile

June 13, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

More and more, fast and casual restaurants are picking up the thread of how powerful mobile operations can be for a business. The most recent such convert is Protein Bar & Kitchen (formerly Protein Bar) who has augmented its systems with a revamped mobile app and a few other extras as well.

Reports note that the “Kitchen” part of Protein Bar & Kitchen is a recent addition designed to call attention to the restaurants predilection for top-notch healthy ingredients in its dishes. The name isn’t all the change, though, as the mobile app got substantial retooling. It got a new color scheme, along with some fresh photography and more user-friendly navigational concepts. Plus, it’s calling a little more attention to the mobile order-ahead concept, which is always useful.

A further program offers a reusable tumbler, which users can refill with protein smoothies for a dollar off normal prices. That comes with the platinum program, reports note, but regular users can instead buy the tumbler outright to get access to the same discount.

Best of all, though, is the retooled rewards program. The mobile app now has a rewards program that provides rewards regardless of how payments are made. Platinum loyalty customers, previously, could only earn loyalty points by mobile payments. A great reason to use mobile payments, but it left card and cash users out in the cold. That’s been changed, and now it doesn’t matter how people pay.

Granted, Protein Bar & Kitchen likely wanted more people to use the mobile systems, whether the payment system, the order system or both at once, and was willing to reward the behavior it wanted to see increased. Perfectly valid business case, perfectly valid psychological principle. But leaving the rest of the user base out in the cold isn’t exactly a great plan, and obviously, Protein Bar & Kitchen caught that.

Businesses want, or should want, everyone rewarded for making purchases regardless of the media. The new structures should keep everyone happy in turn, and make mobile payments a valuable alternative—just not the only rewarded one—to cash and card.