New CA Technologies Payment Security Solution Reduces Online Fraud Loss

May 4, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

CA Technologies recently made it known that CA Risk Analytics Network, the payment industry’s only card-issuer network that stops card-not-present fraud instantly for network members using real-time behavior analytics, machine learning and global transaction data to reduce online fraud losses by an average of 25 percent, which correlates to about $2.2 billion in savings.

As a cloud-based service, CA Risk Analytics Network incorporates a new advanced neural network model, backed by real-time artificial learning, to protect 3-D Secure CNP transactions. It adjusts to suspected fraudulent transactions in about five milliseconds, immediately closing the gap for the possibility of fraud via the same card or device across all members of the network.

Based on the report collected by Javelin, explosive growth in CNP fraud, backed by the increasing e-commerce and m-commerce volume, in addition to the EMV liability shift.

“Detecting anomalies quickly and ensuring frictionless authentication are the first steps in preventing card-not-present fraud without impacting legitimate cardholder transactions,” said Terrence Clark, general manager for CA Technologies Payment Security solutions. “Our data scientists have applied advanced analytics and new, real-time, machine learning algorithms to the global pool of 3-D Secure, e-commerce transaction data and device insights maintained by the CA Payment Security Suite. This provides faster and more accurate online fraud detection and prevention, reducing fraud losses for network members while streamlining online shopping experiences for consumers.”