Tidal Commerce Launches All-In-One Smart Terminal

May 26, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Tidal Commerce, a merchant solutions company that focuses on helping SMBs grow, recently announced the launch of its innovative Smart Terminal.

The all-in-one Tidal Smart Terminal is backed by Poynt, and offers merchants an accessible and easy way to process payments for a quarter of the price of traditional POS systems.

The terminal features one screen for merchants and one for customers, a single slot for mag stripe and chip cards, an NFC reader for Apple Pay, as well as a built in printer and scanner. Merchants can also use it to offer both paper and sms receipts to their customers.

The company has also launched a new transparent pricing plan, with Tidal Commerce, merchants pay $15 per month, in addition to 1.99 percent and 25 cents per typical transaction.

“For many businesses, payment issues can cause unnecessary headaches. Tidal Commerce provides merchants with an easy-to-understand pricing structure and innovative Smart Terminal to make payment processing a lot more approachable” said Drew Sementa, CEO of Tidal Commerce. “Our intuitive solutions are not only cost-effective for growing businesses, but are designed to continue providing value as they scale.”

“While typical POS systems can be complicated and clunky, we truly believe the Tidal Smart Terminal will be the first you’ll love, and the last you’ll ever need. With a software advantage, a simple pricing plan with trust built in, our aim is to make working with Tidal as simple as possible.”