Jane Launches First Complete Online Cannabis Marketplace

May 24, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Jane Technologies, Inc., recently launched the cannabis industry’s first end-to-end online marketplace, where customers can assuredly discover and order the best rated products available in real-time at their local supplier and dispensaries.

Jane is the only online marketplace that transforms a dispensary’s existing POS system into a turnkey digital storefront, allowing medical and recreational consumers to search their menu items in real-time, compare and contrast prices, products and services with multiple dispensaries in their surrounding area and then reserve those items for in-store pickup or delivery.

Local indulgers will be happy to know that their needs are taken care of with the help of Jane. We have been seeing a fair amount of hype from services like this popping up. One can only assume that online solutions for cannabis might soon become a prerequisite from users. Sky-high is the limit for this industry to take off with the help of online sources.

“Consumers today want a certain experience when shopping online; they expect smarter searches with custom recommendations, and we believe the cannabis industry should be no different,” said Jane CEO Socrates Rosenfeld, a combat vet who discovered the health benefits of cannabis while studying at MIT. “We also recognize that dispensaries are the backbone of this industry – and they’re tired of relying solely on expensive advertising to reach new customers. We’re committed to supporting those visionary operators who see where the industry is headed, and want to provide their customers with a simple and straightforward shopping experience – all while seamlessly operating within compliance of state law.”

“There are thousands of different products sold by thousands of different stores, and most consumers, including my fellow vets, sometimes find it confusing to navigate through multiple sites just to find the item or store that’s right for them,” explained Socrates, a former Apache helicopter pilot. “By partnering with dispensaries who pride themselves on providing the highest quality products and services to their community, we help consumers become more confident in the way they shop for cannabis.”

“We appreciate and respect the trailblazing that has taken place in the industry so far and want to continue to move things forward by creating a more informed customer base and providing them access to the vast array of products that Jane’s dispensary partners offer,” said Socrates. “Cannabis provides me with a sense of wellbeing and balance that I can’t find anywhere else, and we created Jane to ensure that others like me can find exactly what they need without any confusion or uncertainty.”