BehavioSec Partners With Kount

May 22, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

BehavioSec, the leading behavioral biometric technology company, today announced a new partnership with Kount, the premier fraud prevention solution for CNP transactions, which incorporates BehavioSec’s behavioral tech into Kount’s comprehensive fraud management platform.

Going ten years strong, Kount has created industry-leading fraud prevention services that allow for online merchants boost sales and reduce losses associated with fraud.

Reviewing billions of transactions and protecting some of the world’s most prominent brands, Kount has lent a helping hand to customers in staying out of fraud’s way through the constant development of patented technologies and strategic partnerships.

BehavioSec deploys continuous machine learning, which affirms users of apps and other interactive tech based not on what they do, but on how they do it.

This new behavioral biometric tech, now being implemented by Kount, can verify and confirm and confirm a user’s identify by monitoring how they naturally interact with their device-through mouse movements, keystroke dynamics, and other behaviors-delivering instant identity verification without impacting the user experience.

Neil Costigan, CEO at BehavioSec, comments: “It is clear that to achieve true digitalization of our everyday transactions, we need to automate and combat online fraud through a layered and collaborative approach. By teaming up with Kount, we can now provide the e-commerce community with this unique behavioral technology, and work together to create a better and more secure experience for consumers across the world.”

Rich Stuppy, COO of Kount, comments: “As fraud rapidly evolves, so must our solutions to manage and prevent it. As strong advocates of collaborative fraud mitigation, we’re thrilled to partner with BehavioSec and incorporate their unique behavioral technology to further enhance our award-winning platform and machine learning capabilities. Together, we can better equip customers ranging from acquiring banks, to payment service providers, to online merchants to authenticate transactions and identify fraud before it happens.”