Storj Labs Launches Token Sale

May 19, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Storj Labs, a leading decentralized cloud storage provider, has launched a sale of its new Ethereum-based apps token, STORJ, STORJ tokens will enable users to provide and receive storage services in the Storj Labs network.

Selling the STORJ tokens will allow Storj to advance product development and to speed the rate of innovation in cloud storage.

By widely distributing its STORJ tokens to a global group of participants, Storj Labs expects to align interests with its users while accelerating developer adoption and network growth.

Storj Labs disrupts the status quo of cloud storage providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform which control the $35 billion cloud storage market.

Storj is leveraged by more than 20,000 API users and channel partners including Heroku and Microsoft Azure.

“Our ultimate goal here at Storj Labs is to disrupt cloud storage by delivering unprecedented security assurance, reliable performance, and blazing speeds – all without a hefty price tag,” said John Quinn, co-founder, Storj Labs. “This Token Sale will help us to significantly increase resources so that we can accelerate development of our decentralized network and disrupt the traditional cloud providers. It redefines our development limits.”