Countr POS May Open Up Bitcoin Use

May 15, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

With bitcoin on a tear lately—it’s only been recently that we’ve seen bitcoin values pass the $1700 mark—there are likely some out there who are thinking about doing a bit of shopping with that highly-valuable material. That’s not always easy, and in some cases, it’s actually very hard to do. New reports, though, suggest that it may be about to get easier with help from Countr POS.

Countr POS, a Dutch firm, offers a point of sale (POS) system that can be run from a tablet, specifically geared toward the small and medium-sized business (SMB). Thanks to some help from Coinify—which offers blockchain payment systems—it may be easier for those SMBs to bring bitcoin use into current operations.

Since Countr is found at over 3,000 merchants worldwide, Coinify’s move to help this company take bitcoin should be both widely enjoyed and well-received. Throw in Countr’s already-useful abilities to track sales and manage inventory levels, and success shouldn’t be far behind for the duo.

Countr POS’ CEO and co-founder John Staunton commented “We chose Coinify as our preferred blockchain payment service provider because of their versatility of services. Coinify supports 14 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and offers payouts in local currencies, which represents a win-win situation for Countr POS and our merchants.”

Basically, Countr just took a good thing and made it even better, which should in turn make the whole package more attractive to retailers. While it’s good enough to get sales tracking and inventory management systems from one tablet-based system, it’s even better if that system also allows a business to accept cryptocurrency like bitcoin. That’s a recipe for all-around improvement, and might well be a good reason to buy bitcoin in general. If we get to a point where this stuff is as easy to use as cash, and perfectly anonymous as well, this could well turn into a land-office business scenario as everyone and his mother wants the stuff.

Of course, the fact that bitcoin right now is valuable enough that a fraction of a bitcoin is sufficient to buy, say, a week’s worth of groceries for a family of three makes its utility somewhat less. With efforts like this, however, we may well see a change there.