Experian Uses Biometrics to Help Consumers Stay Safe Without the Hassle

May 11, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Experian is smart enough to realize the rapid acceleration of fraud and have the foresight necessary to react.

They have come up with a remedy to help consumers keep fraud in check. Experian is now giving customers even more option by offering biometrics via their CrossCore platform.

“Biometrics is an extremely important part of a layered approach to fraud and a great addition to the CrossCore platform because it gives users the ability to recognize good customers in a frictionless way,” said David Britton, Global Vice President, Industry Solutions, Fraud and Identity at Experian. “We designed CrossCore to catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience and biometrics helps us achieve just that.”

Biometrics is considered the measurement and statistical analysis of physical and behavioral characteristics. It allows companies to identify who you are and if you are truly the person you say you are inadvertently, in a less obtrusive way.

Physical biometrics use human characteristics such as voice and retina to gain access to a system regardless of device or location.

Behavioral biometrics on the other hand, uses characteristics unique to a person such as voice analytics and keystroke and mouse dynamics. As a result of this, companies can identify fraudsters behind the scenes without any extra action required of the consumer.