Square Sets Up Ordering for its Upcoming Debit Card

May 10, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

It was only a couple weeks ago when we first heard that Square might have plans to roll out a new debit card going forward, and now, the might be turns into the will be. Square is already taking orders for that new debit card system, reports note, and that should put the card in play sooner than expected.

Word came from a Twitter user who offered up firsthand reports that the Square cash app had sent an alert to users, letting said users know that now was the time to order the debit card. Said card will be linked to the Square Cash app, which means users will have a direct physical link to Square Cash.

Users sign the front of the card, in something of a different approach, though signatures are screened for content before Square prints these signatures on the card itself.

After Square had not only brought out a virtual debit card for Square Cash, but also embarked on an integration effort with Apple Pay, many figured the next logical step was to launch an actual, physical debit card. The process wouldn’t be much different from the virtual version, reports note, so the end result would be just a slightly more useful physical version.

The concept is sound enough; it takes Square from being strictly physical on the incoming side of things—those dongles have meant a lot of business for small operations like farmer’s markets and such—and makes it a completely physical experience as well as being an online operation as well.

It adds versatility, essentially, and that versatility means that Square is valuable to more people in more situations. That means Square is more attractive overall, and given the state of the mobile payments market these days, being more attractive to current and new users alike is the kind of thing a business ignores at its own peril.

It’s likely this will do at least some good for Square, but the state of the market makes it clear it’s got its work cut out for it going forward. With all the competition out there, Square might have to do more than offer a physical card to stay viable.