Customers Cash In as Azimo Launches One-Tap Money Transfer

April 4, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Azimo is rather unfamiliar territory for Paymentweek, but it is an international money transfer service, has recently launched an industry-first feature that will change how money is sent and received.

Azimo has a new in-app feature which enables customers to instantly request, send and receive cash internationally simply using a mobile phone number. The new offering, which has serious implications in benefiting 793 million people based on Azimo’s global footprint, and will fundamentally change the money transfer market as customer no longer need to input tricky account details or IBAN numbers in order to send money.

As a result of the service, Azimo users need only choose one of their phone contacts to send them money. The person on the receiving end will then get an SMS with a link to download the Azimo app and claim the money,

Found within the app as is, is an innovative, one tap technology brings cross-border transfers bang up to date, with the fastest, easiest process yet.

“One of the most difficult things about sending money abroad is knowing all the details of the recipient upfront. Different countries require different information to be inputted at the time of transfer such as IBAN’s and bank routing numbers. Not everyone knows how to find that information, let alone what some of the numbers should look like”, explains Michael Kent, Co-Founder and CEO of Azimo.

“Our new feature has been designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible, enabling a more frictionless experience for customers when transferring money abroad. We feel very strongly about the importance of an innovative, fast and cheap service for our customers. Finance has been truly digital, now it’s truly mobile.”