Wine Retailer Adds Mobile Coupon Redemption with 3Cinteractive

April 28, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Building a proper customer experience is both one of the hardest things a business can do and also one of the most necessary.

With the overall business landscape changing thanks to online shopping and mobile payments, figuring out how to deliver that better experience is a challenge to match the greatest.

Recently, one such operation—Total Wine & More—turned to 3Cinteractive in a bid to improve the experience by incorporating a mobile component with coupon redemption.

Essentially, the new arrangement allows Total Wine & More to offer digital coupons by email, which customers can then apply to a digital wallet and enjoy discounts on future purchases. Plus, Total Wine & More gets access to a new way to promote itself via mobile devices, stepping up its brand exposure and bringing more users in contact with the system.

The overall program was tested out in two cities, and must have worked well as the whole thing is now going nationwide.

It’s hard to argue with discounts as a means to both get customers’ attention and keep customers interested. Lower prices tend to attract interest, and the only reason such systems aren’t more frequently used is because lowering prices tends to lower profit per item, and doing that long enough is a sure route to the poor house.

That and it’s easy for competitors to match that tactic just by lowering their own prices. However, if it’s used in conjunction with sales at full retail price, there can be enough markup in the first purchase to make taking a bath on the second purchase average out to a decent profit point.

By incorporating mobile devices into the picture, meanwhile, Total Wine & More can better reach customers and potential customers where they live, and ultimately generate more revenue through greater volume.

Current customers turn into repeat customers, new customers have more reason to come on board, and Total Wine & More gets to enjoy all the benefits. The end result is a worthwhile package, and all by just turning to 3Cinteractive for the necessary infrastructure to bring coupons into play.