D+H Announces Availability of U.S. Real-time Payments Processing Solution

April 24, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

DH Corporation is a leading provider of technology solutions to financial institutions globally, and it recently made news regarding the availability for industry testing of its U.S. real-time payment processing solution.

This solution will enable banks within the U.S. to begin testing on TCH’s real-time clearing and settlement network to support real-time payments in the U.S.

D+H’s global payments hub technology will allow consumers and businesses to send, request and receive payments immediate, straight from their accounts at participating financial institutions. Banks now have the capability to work with D+H to test their connection to the network and bring new real-time payment services to the U.S. market, once TCH’s real-time network launches later in 2017.

“As The Clearing House works hard to make real-time payments a reality in the United States, we are pleased that D+H is providing financial institutions a solution to connect to our network,” says Steve Ledford, SVP of Product and Strategy at The Clearing House. “Ubiquity is a top priority for our RTP system and D+H’s  real-time payment processing solution will help us achieve that goal by greatly expanding the reach of our RTP system in the U.S.”

“D+H shares TCH’s commitment to the speed, availability, convenience, and information rich messaging that define real-time payments,” says Moti Porath, Head, Product Management, Global Payments Solutions, D+H. “We are excited by the opportunity to apply our vast experience with immediate payments schemes around the world to provide banks with access to real-time payments in the United States.”