Ryan Taylor Appointed Dash Core Project CEO

April 17, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Dash’s Director of Finance, Ryan Taylor, has been unveiled as the new CEO of the Dash Core Project.

This announcement comes as Dash Founder Evan Duffield recently announced he is switching gears to an advisory role, officially departing from day-to-day duties at one of the most prestigious cryptocurrency projects in existence.

The appointment was agreed upon be unanimous decision within the Dash team. The vote was tallied, and Mr. Taylor won the nomination.

Ryan Taylor has been a catalyst to the Dash team since mid 2014. He has come straight from a roaring career on Wall Street, fulling committing to Dash full time as of March 2016, hoping to accelerate Dash’s progress in becoming a blockchain industry leader and global payments network.

Previous to joining Dash, Taylor was a hedge fund analyst covering a global stable of payments industry investments for the private equity and public market funds of a $20 billion investment firm in New York City.

Evan Duffield said, “Since the beginning, my ambition was to create a sustainable and resilient blockchain project without any singular points of failure. Today’s announcement has been in development for many months, and I am proud to have helped Dash become the extraordinary project it is today.”

Duffield added, “For the last several months, daily operations and technology development at Dash Core have been led by now-CEO Ryan Taylor and CTO Andy Freer. Our most recent software upgrade – deployed in February – was developed and released without my hands-on involvement. Thanks to the Dash Core, our developers, advisors, masternode operators and every single user around the world, the upgrade was the smoothest yet.”