Digital Currency Dash Added To Kraken

April 12, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Dash, the shining star that is taking the digital currency industry by storm, recently announced a historic partnership with one of the world’s oldest bitcoin exchanges with the largest selection of digital assets and national currencies, Kraken Digital Asset Exchange.

The world’s fifth most valuable cryptocurrency is now open for trading on the platform with buy and sell pairings including Dash, EUR, USD and DASH/BTC.

The union between Dash and Kraken comes in the wake of a record surge for the cryptocurrency, which recently saw a 6x increase in price per and a 10x increase in trading volume across Q1.

Dash VP of Business Development, Daniel Diaz, said “Kraken is excited to offer Dash on their trading platform and our teams are working closely to ensure clients can begin trading the currency immediately. Kraken is an incredibly well established and well structured organization, and amongst the best in the exchange business. In terms of reputation, they represent the highest standard for client satisfaction. Dash is a project that has implemented very original ideas that resonate well with the market, and as a top tier exchange, Kraken’s mission is to provide clients with access to digital currencies that are in demand and provide value.”

Directly after the stuck business partnerships around the world, the implementation of the Sentinel software upgrade the announcement of revolutionary decentralized payments system called Evolution, Dash has been breaking the mold, and stepping way beyond their initial expectations.

It’s overall market cap skyrocketed from $78 million USD to an unbelievable high of $835 million USD, with new international markets unlocked alongside user demand.

Daniel Diaz continued, “As the leading exchange in the Euro market, Kraken’s global reach helps Dash successfully meet the needs of our users and investors. The entire integration experience was very positive and we have high expectations for the partnership going forward. This is a significant achievement for Dash because our ecosystem needs high quality and trustworthy exchanges like Kraken to thrive, and we know they will play an important role as a fiat gateway.”