Hyperwallet Unlocks Global Payouts for Rising Social Selling Company

March 9, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Some companies have their fingers on the pulse of the cutting edge, and seemingly some several steps ahead of others within the industry, One might describe the likes of Hyperwallet to fit this exact description. In fact, they are in the news again, as the leading global payouts provider to countless SMBs and individual freelancers has an exciting update. Today it announced that it has sealed a deal with MONAT Global, a top flight health and beauty company focusing in hair care products.

MONAT will leverage Hyperwallet’s full service payout platform and global financial network to expand payment options for its independent market partners and support the company’s international success.

“Once we determined that we needed to find a commission partner, Hyperwallet was the obvious choice,” said Javier Urdaneta, Director of Operations at MONAT. “Not only do our market partners have far more control over their earnings; we’ve also been able to dramatically reduce the administrative burden on our operations teams and unlock new global payout capabilities. Hyperwallet will be able to keep up with the rapid expansion we’ve experienced over the past few years and allows us the ability to provide our market partners with the best payment solution possible.”

Alongside Hyperwallet, MONAT will launch its all new MoMoney commission program, a completely branded payout solution equipped with prepaid cards and a self-serve Pay Portal through which market partners can keep track of their earnings. MONAT will also have the convenience of Hyperwallet’s Loyalty add-on, which enables market partners to earn rewards by completing specific tasks.

“MONAT has all the signs of a company ready to take off,” said Brent Warrington, Hyperwallet’s CEO. “They’re in a terrific position to grow their business in new geographies—and with Hyperwallet’s extensive network, they’ve eliminated many of the major hurdles to international expansion. We’re excited for our ongoing partnership with MONAT and look forward to our part in their future success.”