FIS Named Official Provider of Payment and Loyalty Solutions to MiLB

March 29, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

The sweet crack of the bat, the smell of the popcorn and hot dogs in the air, man oh man that’s what (Minor League) baseball is all about. But beyond that, Minor League baseball is also about FIS in some respect.

FIS is, of course, a global leader in fintech, and it just recently announced an agreement with MiLB Enterprises LLC for FIS to be the official provider of financial business solutions to MiLB.

Being dubbed the “Business-Driving Solutions Provider of Minor League Baseball,” FIS will have the ability to market and sell its advanced payment, loyalty and other solutions to 160 MiLB clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This agreement enables FIS to provide advanced solutions to MiLB and its clubs in three critical areas. These include Ballpark Operations, Merchant Services and Loyalty & Rewards.

FIS solutions will assist baseball clubs in simplifying payment transactions for fans, improve customer experience, better track employee expenses, streamline handling of team travel and purchasing, and providing real-time payments for club employees.

“In our quest to be a dynamic leader in sport and entertainment, we place heightened emphasis on aligning with companies that buy into our vision for the future and are committed to helping us get there,” said David Wright, Minor League Baseball’s chief marketing & commercial officer. “Teaming with FIS makes sense on so many levels and plays to the strengths of both organizations. Our robust ownership, tech-savvy fan base and overall scale positions FIS and its industry-leading payment and loyalty services as the ideal partner for Minor League Baseball.”

“Minor League Baseball is the backbone of America’s pastime. We are thrilled to support this forward-looking organization in making the ballpark experience one that draws more people to games and encourages them to return over and over,” said Bruce Lowthers, president of Global Retail Payments Division, FIS. “From payroll to payments and data management to loyalty, FIS looks forward to supporting MiLB to create the ‘ballpark of the future.’”