Blockchain Application Platform Lisk Joins Forces with Distinguished Design Agency

March 28, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Lisk is a rather unfamiliar blockchain application platform to me. I think we may have covered it once or twice in the past, which goes to show you that this update may have some serious impact on the company’s future.

Recently the company announced a collaboration with well-known design agency Taikonauten, with the aim of rebranding its ecosystem to greatly enhance the user experience and facilitate even more user adoption.

This would be pretty huge for the platform, as this partnership will enable the Lisk Foundation to employ the creative talents of the team at Taikonauten to completely redesign crucial aspects of its platform, including its logo, website, blockchain explorer, and client user interface.

Based in Berlin, Taikonauten’s goal is to shape the future of the Internet with its efforts. The company leverages digital design to promote key brands, position products and create new opportunities for cutting-edge businesses.

The platform will enable users to develop their own apps from scratch via JavaScript by deploying sidechains next to the Lisk blockchain.

Registered back in December of 2016, the Lisk Foundation has a permanent mission to enable the project into a widely used, next generation, blockchain app platform envisioned by its founders.

“This collaboration will help the Lisk project more efficiently to communicate the goals of our platform. It will improve the user experience of the Lisk client to a level not seen before in the blockchain space, marking a first step for common user adoption, and unifying our whole ecosystem visually,” Lisk Foundation President Max Kordek said.

“Until now, Lisk has been concentrating its resources on the development of the back end. We have released many optimization, stability and security updates to date marking the significant progress the platform is making. Now, our attention moves to making visible changes to our current ecosystem,” added Kordek.

“Our vision, together with Lisk, is to increase the visibility of this important platform. We aim to keep user needs at the heart of our approach and to make Lisk even more accessible to regular Internet users,” said Maik Fahldieck, Founder and Managing Director of Taikonauten.