TaaS Launches Highly-Anticipated ICO

March 27, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

TaaS, the self-proclaimed first tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, recently launched its Initial Coin Offering, which is set to conclude on April 27, 2017.

Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and a masterfully engineered Cryptographic Audit technology, TaaS brings forth a new method for investors to participate in and benefit from cryptocurrencies.

The platform allows investors to enter the vast cryptocurrency market with complete auditing transparency for the first time.

TaaS Co-founder Dimitri Chupryna commented, “TaaS’ model solves the major problems faced by early adopters of cryptocurrencies, issues that make it impossible for institutional or traditional investors to access the world’s fastest growing market. We have designed the TaaS platform to reduce the risks and barriers faced by investors when entering the surging blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Experts from across the world have declared that blockchain technology will shake up many industries in the coming years, and those looking for a trusted access to this extraordinary market will be able to invest through TaaS during our crowdsale.”

In comparison with typical closed-end funds, TaaS will issue tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract where token owners receive approximately 50 percent of quarterly profits. The smart contacts guarantee that investors will receive the profits.

In order to increase the fund’s capital pool without requiring additional investment, 25 percent of profits will be reinvested back into the fund.

It was important to provide TaaS token owners with maximum transparency into non-Ethereum token investments, so TaaS composed an in-house Cryptographic Audit technology, which is a set of autonomous auditing techniques that track, record, and timestamp trading activity.

“TaaS hopes to deliver significant and long-term changes in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market. We believe the vision and technology underpinning TaaS and Kepler will transform digital currency investments and we are eager to see its progress,” concluded Chupryna.